2 How to Check Comcast Email

If you have a permanent service subscription for the regular Comcast Internet plan, you can use your Comcast e-mail address for checking and reading all of the existing or new emails. This task can be accomplished directly through any specific web browser or computer. In this regard, you need not download any specific software on your laptop or desktop. All you need to do is that just open the official Xfinity website and continue with following steps:

  1. Visit the official Xfinity website.
  2. Click on the e-mail.
  3. Log in to your registered e-mail.
  4. Now, you can easily open your inbox for further processes.
How to Check Comcast Email

These sequential steps will absolutely help in this regard, so just follow these simple steps to check your comcast e-mail:

Step 1

Firstly, visit Comcast’s Xfinity home page and then click upon Email.

Step 2

Log in to the official Comcast page and then enter appropriate Comcast account credentials. Open the “Email and Username” field, and then enter your email address (for Comcast.net), you can alternatively add your pre-existing e-mail address which you have used previously during Comcast sign in.

Step 3

Now, make a double-click to open your email inbox, in order to read the messages. If you are unable to get the expected email or currently received email, click to refresh the mailbox.

Step 4

To continue reading, select subsequent mail options from the main menu and open the next email after reading the previous one. Reply options are also present on the same menu page. The menu also displays message closing options, return options to take you back to your inbox, deleting options and options for marking unwanted emails as spam mails. You can also use left arrow keys or right arrow keys, present at the anterior end of the switching menu, these options facilitate the user to switch between emails, and opening the inbox.

Step 5

In order to create a new email, click upon New, you can select this option directly from the Inbox or the main menu/screen, you can continue with this while reading some another mail.

Step 6

Fill all the respective address lines, merely Subject lines and To option and then compose a brand new email inside the provided text box. In order to attach new files, click to Attach the files which you want to send, you can also drag these files directly into the main message window. After that, click to Send and then send the email.

Step 7

Later on, open a new Address Book tab. Then click to add a New Contact if you want to add a new person in your previous address book. While you are writing a specific email, click To to selectively pick up the recipients directly from your address book.

Step 8

You can modify the emails by opening the Preferences tab linked to the section of Email Preferences. These options may include email import, signature addition or filtering process to remove unwanted messages.

In case, you face any sort of problem while checking your Comcast Emails, you can contact us for take instant customer support from Comcast Professionals.


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